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SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020 And Beyond

SEO mistakes

Search engine optimization has changed a great deal since Google clamped down on all those unnatural ways to get backlinks. Therefore, you must be aware of SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020, mistakes that nullify your efforts to gain visitors interested in what you offer.


The so-called easy ways to build links including commenting on different blogs and authority sites have given way to more authentic ways of attracting website visitors. These are prospects who are actually interested in the content, products, and services you offer.


However, website owners are often led to believe it is possible to rank websites in a Google-dominated web world without inviting penalties. Unless you approach SEO the right way in 2020 and beyond, you may have to remove bad backlinks the hard way in the long run.


Follow a scientific approach to SEO, and you will see a steep rise in traffic with your SEO efforts.


  1. Schedule SEO Audits Regularly

Many website owners opt for different ways to conduct SEO audits. There are thousands of different niches, and the approach to SEO may differ. However, performing an SEO audit before branding and content marketing helps in understanding what works in your niche.

For example, building brand awareness on specific social media platforms works in getting convertible website traffic. Your audit must help you chart out a definite course of action that has already worked in the past.


  1. Track Your SEO Performance Levels

Your SEO audit can only tell you where you did not meet your SEO goals. However, tracking allows you to stop any move that went wrong before it can cause damage. You know beforehand what mistakes you must avoid.

For instance, if your promotional campaign in one social media platform does not work, you have the chance to change your approach with different content or by concentrating on a social media platform that yields better results.


  1. Consider ROI Based On Calculations

The money you invest in your SEO campaigns must have expected ROIs based on calculations. The most important step you take in SEO is to decide which keywords to target. It’s based on calculations and not what you may be interested in.

By choosing keywords that bring a steady stream of traffic, you know how much time and effort you must exert to reach your targeted traffic goal.


  1. Bank On User Experience

One of the best ways to gain real followers in any niche is to ensure an optimum user experience.

Effective ways to do this include:

  • Employing a mobile-friendly website design
  • Less use of aggressive full-screen popups that appear before content pages
  • Making your website mobile-friendly
  • Avoiding the use of disruptive ad placements
  • Publishing content that satisfies keyword intent

According to Forrester Research, on average, every $1 spent on user experience (UX) brings $100 in return. That’s a whopping 9,900% return on investment.

A well-designed user interface could effectively raise the conversion rate of your website by nearly 400 percent.


  1. Find A Unique Touch

Adding unique value to your content has a way of attracting more visitors.

For example, you could take a keyword that others have targeted and produce a viral video around it. The keyword brings in the initial visit, and then this visitor can’t wait to share the video with others. You start getting indirect traffic.

If you are aware of these SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020, you can chart out your ideal SEO plan for 2021, one that does not attract penalties and brings in tons of converting traffic.