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How To Build Backlinks That Bring In Converting Traffic

how to build backlinks

Even as Google has streamlined the process of removing unnatural links by moving it disavow tool to the Google Search Console, the question of how to build backlinks that don’t attract penalties still remains.


The idea of building backlinks has always been to invite visitors to a website offering products and services they are interested in. If the anchor text is descriptive or over-optimized for commercial terms, then such an SEO effort is considered an attempt to manipulate rankings.


With that in mind, how do you build backlinks that bring in converting traffic but do not attempt to work around the established ranking system in any way? Here are some ways you can do it.


  1. Build Convertible Traffic Links

Any link that increases the visibility and brand value of a website is a good link. This is a measurable way of attracting convertible traffic links. Links placed strategically on other related websites result in traffic coming to your website that converts with the help of content placed on your website.

Conversions could take place in the form of product sales, mailing list signups, and time spent by the visitor on your website.


  1. Build Low-Profile Links

Take a step away from building just do-follow links. For example, links that bring in convertible traffic do not necessarily have to be do-follow links. Use branded on non-commercial anchor texts including your domain or brand name.

If you aren’t sure about the source, simply use the rel=nofollow annotation or direct the link to a page that is made inaccessible to the search engine bots and then redirect it to the required page.


  1. Make Your Own Website Irresistible

Set up Google analytics on your website to monitor conversion rates. Define your conversion goals and then actively pursue link building to your website with attractive professional-looking design elements and the right content in place. Set up URL parameters to monitor converting traffic from specific links.


  1. Go Where Your Audience Inhabits

You’ll find your audience in specific locations where they are already looking for something you offer. Locate those real estate properties to build your link-building campaigns on. Try to forge collaborations and partnerships with those website owners who then actively promote your site to a ready audience.


  1. Build Links Yourself

There are ways you can build links to your website on your own. This is a continuous process where you use your business cards, word of mouth, sponsorships, and email signatures to increase brand visibility. Active participation is required wherein your participation and contribution in community events and photo opportunities remain the focus of your branding endeavors. This traction is bound to increase converting traffic to your website.


  1. Build Active Social Media Communities

Building a social media community of potential prospects is one of the best ways to bring in converting traffic. Use social media tools to simplify the task.

Set specific times to post content that targets potential clients. Your content must reach them when they are most active on the social media platform. Keep track of how your social channels are performing and test different channels to increase converting traffic.

Now you know how to build backlinks that convert and do not attract penalties that adversely affect your organic search engine results.

Even if you put a little more effort in getting these links, they are well worth the time and effort you put in to get them.